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Close more deals with automated sales lead research.

Close more deals

Spend your time making calls and closing deals, not researching prospects online. StackLead pulls together everything you need to know about a sales lead as soon as they signup on your website.

Know your customers

A freemium user with a personal email address could be a key decision maker testing your service. We identify each user’s full name, company, and social media profiles so that you can proactively reach out.

Find the best leads

Customize the pieces of data that are most important for you to judge a lead. We include key metrics like title, industry, and number of employees that highlight the most important prospects.

Stay up to date

Quickly see recent fundraising news and product announcements for each signup in our research reports. You’ll always know what’s top of mind for each customer when contacting them.

Get warm intros

We find mutual connections who can give you warm intros to a sales lead based on your Gmail and LinkedIn contacts. You and your team can connect your accounts so that you always know the best introduction.

No-code integration

Does your team get an internal email when you get a new signup? Forward it to StackLead and we’ll reply straight to your inbox with our lead research. We also have an API and can handle bulk spreadsheet uploads. Additional integrations coming soon.

Our happy customers

"StackLead is a no-brainer when it comes to integrating it into our sales process. It saves us an hour of painstaking research every day and lets us make sure we don't miss a single high priority lead. Their expertise is evident both in the product and how they support us."

Spenser Skates, Amplitude

"StackLead helps us quickly identify high value leads, and provides solid context for a prompt and professional followup. StackLead is crucial to creating a great first impression."

Matt Harris, SendWithUs

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